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| Zinogre Zone |

| Ciel | Wiccan | INFP | Demigirl | Taken | Aries |

Hello welcome to my humble aboad, I'm a tiny angry nerd who loves nothing more then cloudy days, video games and a good nap.
I curse like a sailor
I bark loudly and bite hard but rarely

Alibaba Saluja is my precious unicorn haired nerd child
Rip Van Winkle is the queen

I go by they/them or she/her (friends only) pronouns!

* Wayfinder Trio *
Wayfinders by hara-reita
"My friends are my power!"


| I Can Show You Incredible Things |

The Killua to my Alluka
The Aqua to my Terra

I don't know how, I don't know when but another nerd slammed into my life. Jew is an inspiration in both personality and art, I never expected to become friends with them but here we are; They're great and they've become an anchor to me. They're fabulous beyond belief.
I'll end you if you hurt Jew.

"Don't you dare think that you are anything less"

The Yosafire to my Yosaflame
"I will protect you even if I'm not there"

I consider Sharky both my kohai and my adopted daughter. Plenty of people would probably find it weird to have a 20 year old and a 15 year old being so close but I don't care. Sharky's been someone who can put a smile on my face no matter what, I mean wow, what a little sweetie.
I will fucking kill you if you hurt her, there will be no mercy.

| If I Lose Myself Tonight |


Nov 25, 2015
5:23 pm
Nov 25, 2015
2:29 pm
Nov 25, 2015
11:04 am
Nov 25, 2015
4:30 am
Nov 25, 2015
3:06 am

| Art . Status |

commissions: black by themaunster - Open by Reixxie trades: black by themaunster - Closed by Reixxie
request: black by themaunster - Closed by Reixxie gifts: black by themaunster - Friends by Reixxie

♥ People I love ♥

Taye . Kira . Chi . Stephi . Jew . Bre . Kohai . Densy . Dannie Hakura . Star . AJ . Bow . Icy . Nate . WT . Solar . Toki . Haps Ghost . Delpha . Tails . Acrinn . Michi . Jess . Vespy . Rii
Rainee . Julien . Natsu . Jay . Melly . Sere

| I'd Write You a Symphony|

January 3rd, 2011
The Ivlis to my Satanick
The Ja'far to my Sinbad
The Oz to my Gilbert

Fai is the love my life, she's my most dear and best friend and she's continued to stay by my side despite how much of a complete jackass I can be. She brings me back to my senses, if I don't listen then she has no problem knocking me back to them. I love her so much and I honestly don't think I'll ever be able to say it enough.

If you hurt her, I will beat you senseless with my metal baseball bat. I am incapable of sharing her.

The Drakon to my Sinbad
The Ventus to My Terra

If I have anyone to blame for the mass amounts of sheer dorkiness, crying and memes (also dick jokes) in my life, its this nerd, this meme lord known as Taye. Ok but in all seriousness, Taye has helped me through so much in my life, he's supportive and he's helped make me a much stronger person. Hurt Taye and I'll rip you apart.

You're still a fucking nerd though Taye

"Stay Strong!"


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